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January 24, 2017
edit Daniel Boone at Exeter 0-4-1
edit Muhlenberg at Governor Mifflin 1-4-0
edit Wilson at Wyomissing 1-4-0

January 31, 2017
edit Governor Mifflin at Daniel Boone 5-0-0
edit Exeter at Wyomissing 2-3-0
edit Muhlenberg at Wilson 3-2-0

February 7, 2017
edit Wyomissing at Daniel Boone 4-1-0
edit Governor Mifflin at Wilson 1-4-0
edit Exeter at Muhlenberg 1-3-1

February 14, 2017
edit Wyomissing at Muhlenberg 5-0-0
edit Wilson at Daniel Boone 2-3-0
edit Governor Mifflin at Exeter 5-0-0

February 21, 2017
edit Wilson at Exeter 2-3-0
edit Daniel Boone at Muhlenberg 1-4-0
edit Wyomissing at Governor Mifflin 2-3-0

Coaches Contact Information
    Email Phone
Daniel Boone Daniel Tothero 610-582-6100 ext. 2342
Exeter Rob Wickstrom 610-779-3060 ext 2801
Governor Mifflin Travis Kurtz 610-775-5089 ext ???
Muhlenberg Joseph Collins
Wilson Charles Lentz
Wyomissing Curt Minich 610-374-0739 ext 2202

Team Information - Optional information about your team that you may submit.

Daniel Boone edit
match location:  
HS Annex Room C-2
driving directions:  
(From Reading Area) Take 422E to 345S. After reaching Birdsboro, turn left onto 724E and proceed to Rte 345. Turn right onto 345S (Chestnut St.) and you will see the high school on the left after several blocks.

When visiting Daniel Boone HS, please check in at the main office, which is located at the front of the building. The office staff will contact me in my room and I will send a student down to escort you to room C-2, a science classroom with tables suited for chess. If you have any questions, please contact me at the school.

1 Timothy Tran 2017
2 Ryan Mardsen 2018
3 David O'Brien 2020
4 Erik Olafson 2018
5 Vincent Fiorentino 2020
6 Andrew Tran 2019
7 Joseph Pyott 2017
8 Kobe Houck 2020
9 Benjamin Smith 2018
Exeter edit
match location:  
Exeter Sr. High Library
driving directions:  
Business Route 422 (Perkiomen Ave.) to 36th St. to High School, app. 2 blocks off Perkiomen Avenue. Watch for signs.
1) Noah Colapreto 2017
2) Kyle Bohn 2018
3) Shane Hoover 2019
4) Angela Haake 2020
5) Chris Good 2020
Governor Mifflin edit
match location:  
Governor Mifflin Senior High School Classroom ???
driving directions:  
We will be playing at the Governor Mifflin High School Library. I would enter by going south on Mifflin Blvd and take a right into the teacher parking lot. You will see the Library sign along the building, I will have the door open for you to enter into the library. School does not end until 2:55 so play can't begin before 3:05.
1. Sameh Abedin (2017)
2. Jeremy Kramer (2017)
3. Max Nelson (2018)
4. Joshua Dauberman (2018)
5. Trevor Meck (2018)

Muhlenberg edit
match location:  
Mulhenberg Middle School at the LGI room. It's right off of the main entrance of
driving directions:  
The middle school address is 801 Bellevue Avenue.

Follow this link: for driving directions.
1 Gabriel Dragoo 2021
2 Eric Heim 2020
3 Everett Daniels Wright 2020
4 Nhi Hoang 2020
5 Nhi Nyugen 2021
6 Colin Bean 2022
7 Allen Lin 2022
Wilson edit
match location:  
Wilson HS Lower House Room L507
driving directions:  
2601 Grandview Blvd. West Lawn
1. Adith Gopal
2. Ryan Hu
3. Luke Kline
4. Joel Loas
5. Justin Edwards
Wyomissing edit
match location:  
High School Room 202
driving directions:  
mapquest the address of the high school: 630 Evans Ave, Wyomissing, PA 19610
or see this web page
1. Jaewon Paik
2. John Sachenik
3. Christopher Poon
4. Collin Messenger
5. Matthew Driben
6. Tylor Smock