Berks County Scholastic Chess League

Matches are held on Tuesdays from 3:00 - 5:30 pm. Coaches may agree to reschedule a match at time that is mutually agreeable due to weather or unforeseen circumstances. Each team is represented by 5 boards but additional exhibition matches may take place. USCF tournament rules apply including touch move. Games are G/60, which means each player must make all his or her moves in 60 minutes (60 minutes with 5 second delay if a delay clock is used.) Team match record determines the county champion. If only two teams are tied, the first tiebreaker is the result of the head-to-head matchup and the second tiebreaker is the total season game points. If multiple teams are tied, total season game points is the tiebreaker. The winning school keeps the traveling trophy for the year. It has been traveling the county since 1975.

The visiting team must arrive at the match location by 3:30 pm (but earlier if possible) when the home team has the right to start all of the visiting players' clocks with home's choice of white or black on Board #1. If a team does not have five players, then it must forfeit games on Boards #5, 4, 3, and 2 in that order. All electronics including iPods, mp3 players, & cellphones must be turned off during match play. If a player uses a device or if the device makes a sound or distraction that player will be penalized by losing 10 minutes or half of his remaining time whichever is less. Each player should record his or her moves on a score sheet.

16-17 Team Standings
  match record games game points
Governor Mifflin 4-1-0 18-7-0 18
Wyomissing 4-1-0 18-7-0 18
Muhlenberg 3-2-0 11-13-1 11.5
Exeter 2-3-0 10-13-2 11
Wilson 1-4-0 11-14-0 11
Daniel Boone 1-4-0 5-19-1 5.5

January 24, 2017
Daniel Boone at Exeter 0-4-1
Muhlenberg at Governor Mifflin 1-4-0
Wilson at Wyomissing 1-4-0

January 31, 2017
Governor Mifflin at Daniel Boone 5-0-0
Exeter at Wyomissing 2-3-0
Muhlenberg at Wilson 3-2-0

February 7, 2017
Wyomissing at Daniel Boone 4-1-0
Governor Mifflin at Wilson 1-4-0
Exeter at Muhlenberg 1-3-1

February 14, 2017
Wyomissing at Muhlenberg 5-0-0
Wilson at Daniel Boone 2-3-0
Governor Mifflin at Exeter 5-0-0

February 21, 2017
Wilson at Exeter 2-3-0
Daniel Boone at Muhlenberg 1-4-0
Wyomissing at Governor Mifflin 2-3-0