2013 - The team took 7th in the U1300 tournament and 11th place in the U1000 tournament just missing a team trophy by one and a half points!

The team photo in the lobby

, Matthew, Christopher, Alan, Rohan, Alex, James, Dylan, Jack, Gavin, Izaak, Spencer, Kevin, & Paul
Christopher & Alan
Rohan & Paul
Gavin & Jack
Rohan, Dylan & Christopher
Matthew & Robert
Too cool for chess tournaments
Dinner at Iron Skillet
Tournament hall
Working out chess puzzles 1 - 2 - 3- 4
Playing skittles 1 - 2


2012 - The team took 7th in the U1300 tournament (only a half point from a team trophy) and 15th place in the U1000 tournament.


2011 - The team took 7th place in the U1000 tournament just missing a team trophy by a half of a point! Robert Pattillo & Jake Leed won medals for being top-finishers.

The team photo in the lobby

Friday dinner at Arby's
Rob playing in an early round
Rob playing in an early round
Rob winning early
Jake playing tough
Jake getting ready to play
Trevor waiting for his opponent
James & AJ ready to play
Ian did well in this game
Senior Trevor won this game
This game of Trevor's took awhile
Saturday lunch at Wendy's
Rob playing Mallory from Exeter
Jake playing Eric from Exeter, who eventually won the tournament
Ian is ready to go
Kevin deep in thought
Trevor has a calm demeanor
AJ is ice
AJ tries to outlast his opponent
Ian playing patiently
Ian still playing patiently
Saturday team dinner at the Iron Skillet Restaurant
Alan playing Ian at dinner
Freshman Alan in his first trip to States
Veteran AJ and first-timer Alan
Jake setting the clock for QuickChess
Kevin warming up in QuickChess against recent Wyo graduate and former #1 player, Genesis
Alan playing QuickChess
Coach Minear analyzing Ian's games at Taco Bell
Waiting for the awards ceremony
Jake wins a top finisher medal
Rob wins a top finisher medal


2010 - The team took 4th place in the U1000 tournament just missing a team trophy by one point! Genesis Wentzel & Robert Pattillo won medals for being top-finishers with 4 wins.

video - Genesis & Ben playing Quick Chess
video - Ian chatting away before a match
video - Jacob playing Quick Chess
video - James & Colin playing Quick Chess
video - Colin playing Quick Chess
Jake is a solid veteran and moving up the ladder
AJ & Ben at the QuickChess pairing charts
Jake getting ready for a new game
Genesis about to beat her QuickChess opponent
James is ready to go for QuickChess
AJ preparing for a bloodbath in QuickChess
Jake with his evil grin is an intimidating opponent
Ben getting his clock ready for action
Ben gives a smile because he is playing white in this game
The 4 chess amigos - Jake, Ben, Colin & AJ
QuickChess - AJ vs unknown guy, Colin vs Mr. Minich's brother-in-law & James vs unknown guy
Same match-ups as above but different angle
The Chess Kid - staring Mr. Miyagi Minear and Ben
The Iron Skillet serves Colin & Jake great burgers
Colin, AJ & Ian play skittles (i.e. analyze their games) in between rounds
Genesis talks to Spencer while AJ stretches before his next match
AJ, Colin, Ben, Jake, & Ian hanging out in the tournament hall
AJ, Colin, Robert, & Ian review strategy in the tournament hall
Six Wyo players warming up for their next round
AJ & Jake checking the wall chart to scout their next opponents
Ian moving his King pawn
Robert is ready to go
Ben & Colin checking results on the wall chart
Ben & Genesis waiting for the next round to begin
AJ sets up his pieces with Colin & Ian in the background
Jake's opponent is nowhere to be found
Refueling at the Hamilton Restaurant, a classic restaurant in downtown Carlisle
Colin, Jake, & AJ doing something goofy
Ben can't get enough chess so he analyzes puzzles with Mr. Minear while waiting for his food
Colin, Mr. Minich, & Jake at the Hamilton Restaurant
The world famous Hamilton Restaurant hotchie dog, perfect fuel for long chess matches
Mr. Minear loads the calories on for his next day of grueling chess. He took 2nd place overall!
Colin, Jake, & AJ bite into their hotchie dogs
4 milkshakes between two people!?
Ian talking to a nearby chess player before the next round
Genesis likes to arrive earlier than her opponent
Is Ben really studying a chess opening to get a jump on his opponent?
The Chess Kid is still studying his chess openings!
Robert is looking forward to a three-hour match that he eventually won!
Colin, Jake, & AJ - a fearsome, intimidating chess team enters the tournament room
Robert receives his Top Finisher medal for winning 4 out of 5 matches
AJ is ready to go
Robert & Jake are ready to go
Colin is ready to go
Ian is ready to go
Ben is ready to go
Genesis begins her very last high school match
Genesis is about to win her last high school match
Robert is playing out an intense, three-hour game. Notice all the other games finished.
Awaiting the awards presentation
The awards presentation begins

2009 - Team picture in the lobby except for Nick

AJ the first-year player
Skyler, the cerebral chess player, posing as a jock
Ricky is getting ready for the action to begin
Nathan awaits a grueling 3 hour chess match
Smiling Jake plays a mean game of chess
Kevin is the master at setting digital chess clocks
Nick is the veteran on the 2009 chess team and only player to win a trophy going 4-1
Jibin the chess-playing pencil spinner
A few hundred chess players in the same room
The chess team plays serious chess at truck stop diners too!
Bughouse is the game of choice at 10 pm
Nathan & Nick are a real powerful bughouse team

- Team picture in the lobby

Two chess masters Coach Minear and his friend Rodion Rubenchik
Kevin L in action
Skyler in action
Nick in action
Kevin & Nick in action
Skyler thinking about his moves
Nick recording a win on the wall chart
Ren in action
Genesis in ation
Jeran in action
Alex in a cool hat
Royce in action
Guzi in action
Guzi playing arch nemesis and friend Dan Yeager playing for tournament championship
Mike in action
Eating dinner at the Middlesex Diner
Frankie & Jeran in action
Playing quick chess at the awards ceremony
Third place in the state!

2007 - Team picture in the lobby.

Genesis & Dan going over a game in the Skittles Room.
Reviewing a game in between rounds.
Late night at the Iron Skillet truck stop diner.
Ralph & Royce finding their boards.
Royce setting up his opponents pieces.
Guzi centering his pieces.
Jeran reading his homework before his game begins.
Nick & Ren doubling up on their opponents.
Genesis ready to play in Round #1.
Nick ready to play in Round #1.
Jeran ready to play in Round #1.
Alex B. waits for his opponent at a top board.
Ralph (blue shirt & hat) waiting to play.
Ralph & Royce on their way to a 2nd place team finish.
Genesis waits patiently.
Hayley (6 week old baby) cheers on her sister Genesis.
Frankie about to play Exeter's board #1 Abel.
Frankie & Abel concentrate on their first move.
Mr. Minear reviews a QuickChess game with Frankie & Nick.
Frankie goes undefeated to win the U1100 QuickChess Championship.
Mr. Minear wins cash in the Open QuickChess Division.
Mike wins a top finisher award for going 4-1 in the U1000 division.
Kevin wins a top finisher award for going 4-1 in the U1300 division.
Frankie wins a top finisher award for going 4-1 in the U1300 division.
Jeran, Kevin, Dan, & Frankie win third place in the U1300 division (junior varsity).
Royce wins 6th place overall in the Open Division!
Guzi wins 2nd place overall in the Open Division with his only loss to a National Master!!
Alex B, Royce, Alex G, & Ralph win second place in the Open Division.